IXSIR’s winery consumes 75% less energy than any other winery in the world.

Green Winery:

IXSIR’s winery proudly consumes 75% less energy than any other winery in the world and is built across distinct levels, allowing wine to be made using the method of gravity fermentation.

Having stood the test of time, the gravity fermentation method requires very little pumping during the processing of grapes, allowing IXSIR’s painstakingly produced wine to free-flow from one level to the next.

Having made its way down, IXSIR stores its wines in a cellar that is built 12 meters underground so that it benefits from the natural thermal protection of the soil and reducing the need for mechanical refrigeration.

Earth is also used to insulate the winery, with a botanical garden set on the roof of the building that helps to keep it cool during the hot summer months. The garden is Lebanon’s largest planted roof, enabling visitors to view more than 22 different grapes varieties.

Zenithal skylights on the roof also help to maximize the use of sunlight across all floors, reaching the cellar 12 meters underground and reducing the amount of energy

Recognized several times for its environmental credentials, the IXSIR winery was named by CNN as one of the greenest buildings in the world.

IXSIR’s commitment to reducing its consumption of energy through the development of innovative methods means it has earned recognition several times for its green credentials. The IXSIR winery was named by CNN as one of the greenest buildings in the world and also won three of the most prestigious international Green architecture awards.

Sustainable vineyards:

IXSIR’s vineyards reach from the north to the south of Lebanon, promoting sustainable farming and helping farmers and their families to remain on their own land. IXSIR offers vine growers a high fixed price as part of a long-term buying contract, which has so far helped over 250 families. Vine growers are also given technical support and strict quality control guidelines, helping to create a more sustainable industry and a safer working environment than through the production of illicit crops.



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