IXSIR hosts tours to give visitors an overview of the winemaking process.

IXSIR winery is open to wine lovers from Tuesday to Sunday throughout the year - even during harvest season when the real magic comes to life. Visitors are always welcome for a self-guided tour, or can book the guided tour by either filling the below form or calling the following number +961 71 631 613.

Self-guided tour

Free of charge

Available from 10:00 AM till 4:00 PM - No booking require.

All the needed information is available through a map unfolding IXSIR’s journey.

For an upgrade to a full range tasting of 8 wines: 10 USD /person

Guided tour

3 USD /person

Available at 10:30 AM/12:30 PM/2:00 PM/3:30 PM

During the guided tours, visitors will discover IXSIR’s distinctive and sustainable winemaking process starting from the vineyards all the way to the winery and cellars.

Tasting Packages per color:
  • Red Wines (3 Wines) - 6 USD
  • White Wines (3 Wines) -  4 USD
  • Rose Wines (2 Wines) -  2.50 USD
Tasting Package per range:
  • Altitudes Range (3 Wines) - 3 USD
  • Grande Reserve Range (3 Wines) - 4 USD
  • EL Range (2 Wines) - 5.50 USD

Full Range Tasting: 10 USD


*Under 18 are not allowed in the tasting room

 All safety measures are appliedFor more info call 71 631 613

We are sorry, the winery is closed for maintenance in February.
We will open again on March 1st.


Open from Tuesday to Sunday Closed on MondaysWINTER 10AM till 4PM SUMMER 10AM till 6PM


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